Cloacal dysgenesis sequence with bilateral renal agenesis, bladder agenesis, pulmonary hypoplasia and left choanal atresia: A case report

Esra Ozcakir, Sefer Tolga Okay, Ipek Guney Varal, Mete Kaya


A case of posterior urethral valve is described with multiple urethroperineal fistulas. This association is extremely rare. The crucial point in the diagnosis is to distinguish these fistulas from the urethral duplications that actually guide the treatment. The presence of these fistulas in patients with posterior urethral valve may have a beneficial effect on renal function as it reduces the pressure on the bladder. On the other hand, incomplete valve ablation may contribute to the recurrence of the fistula.


Cloacal dysgenesis sequence, bilateral renal agenesis, bladder agenesis, pulmonary hypoplasia, left choanal atresia.

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